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16 out of 16 women are nationally diverse. From Spanish to American, Native American to English, Greek, Irish, Hawaiian, Scottish to South African, Indian, German, Middle Eastern, to Chinese. They are all lovely women from all over the world with all different skin tones, facial features, body sizes, names and personalities.

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Anonymous asked: been vegan 4 2 months and for some reason ive gained 30 pounds?? Is this really possible, I strength train and do Zumba twice a week , how can I have gained soo much?im really worried!! Losr 100p in a year dont want to gain it back:(


Well what type of foods are you eating lately? Are you eating a balanced diet, including vegs, fruits? Watch out for carbs, like pastas, breads; sweet stuff. Send me the type of foods that you’re eating lately so I can help you a bit more :)

You seem pretty active, the weight could be muscle? This kind of thing happens a lot. Remember it’s not always about weight. Pay attention to how your body looks and feels, not to the scale.

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I'm really fucking angry that I even bothered to look in the cochlear implant tag






All it is is just a bunch of audist assholes praising how “wonderful” it is that children are getting implanted. I saw that fucking video of the 8 month reblog and reposted I don’t know how many fucking times.

I only saw the 26 year…

Learning spoken English does not make a Deaf person better. Having complete language access (a signed language, be it British Sign Language or American Sign Language) from the get go is how they can learn written English. Having access to a signed language builds language development. Once those building blocks are set from day one as an infant, Deaf people (and anybody in general) can learn a second or third or however many languages.

Having hearing does not make one better. Being able to communicate without the frustration of invasive surgeries and speech therapists is all Deaf people want. Now I don’t speak for the Deaf community, but from speaking with my Deaf friends, that’s all they want.

Hmm yes I see.

I would never assume the position that having hearing etc. makes a person better than those who don’t! I hope I didn’t come off as such.

I guess I was thinking more about sounds in general, not necessarily language?

Now, I can see what you mean - I guess I can agree to some extent invasive implants should not necessarily be used on kidlets who can’t make their own decisions yet, and if there are people out there who never had the desire to hear, then I am happy to admit I am wrong.

HOWEVER, I am still able to sympathise with parents of deaf children and wouldn’t go as far as calling them pussies. I would hope that all parents do it out of love and care, and I am not going to lie, until this post I would never even consider that it could be a bad thing?

I don’t know, lack of hearing is a disability and I think that when people see a chance to ‘fix’ that (as bad as this sounds) they take it?

I don’t know, I am so torn on this subject. I completely see the arguments on both sides, and I think that after reading your response I am ready to accept both choices? (I know that’s not exactly what your aim is, but it’s hard for me to completely invalidate those parent’s choices.) 

Parents make their choices and I can understand it. But from a cultural perspective, it’s devastating.

90% (actually closer to 93%) of all hearing parents with deaf children do not learn sign language. And those children are missing vital growth stages when parents do not communicate with them in a visual language.

Hearing parents tend to see CIs as that quick fix to make their child like them and it doesn’t work that way.

As far as disability, they don’t see it that way and neither do I. Disability implies they are broken. Deaf people have a rich culture and history. They have a signed language that is full accessible and is used day in day out. Most Deaf people are proud to be Deaf and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, I guess the most important thing we’re agreeing on here is that people should make their own choices. It is such an impossible thing to imagine a world without sounds that we think they are crucial to everyone, but I guess when you’re born without it you don’t miss it.

My conclusion:

  • I think the Cls are an amazing thing for people who wish to hear or lost hearing after growing up with it (like my friend who I reblogged this from).
  • Parents who make the decision to implant their children need to be educated on the issue but if they chose to do it anyway I still understand them, for various reasons.
  • Most importantly: I am thankful for this patient explanation and introduction to this new view on the subject. I regret getting initially angry at your post (although the post itself was pretty angry).
  • My feelings on this topic are still very varied, and I must read up on this more when it’s not 1am.
  • As a person who has never experienced hearing loss I will probably never understand completely, and I think that’s why I can understand the fear that parents experience when they find out their child is deaf. The idea of not being able to hear is completely terrifying to me because of how much I rely on sounds. It’s difficult to understand that people who never experience it don’t miss sound and don’t rely on it.

(I rambled and repeated myself a lot. I’m sorry, I am very tired.)

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When I was little I would help my mom in the kitchen. One meal I distinctly remember was golabki. Golabki are basically just cabbage rolls filled with rice and meat, however you can substitute the meat for tvp or mushrooms if you want a vegetarian / vegan version. It also makes a large amount so…

Yay Polish food! (really curious how are people pronouncing the name :)

this is some wonderful food for both meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans :)

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In the BDSM community it may be hard to tell where the line between kinky consensual play and abuse is crossed. Let this be a rule of thumb: trust your intuition. If you feel something is wrong, IT PROBABLY IS. If you feel you are being mistreated, SAY SOMETHING.


(This is a photoset; click the title, then the arrows on each photo!)

i have experienced every single one of these listed under “Abuser” All by the same person a few years back. It was hell and will tear one down completely. It took me a long time to heal and get past it. i was extremely close to giving up on exploring D/s altogether and had to take a long break. PLEASE if you experience any of these things, speak up, find someone to talk to. The Abuser will try to make you feel guilty or that you are disrespecting them and the relationship if you seek advice or help. That is all part of their abusive game as well. Discretion and privacy in a relationship is one thing. But a true and good Dom/Domme will not forbid you to reach out to others in the community or otherwise.

Please be safe.

If these things are happening to you then please come to me for help, or support. I promise I’ll help you in anyway I can.


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Anonymous asked: being a barista is like my dreamjob omg ;~~~;


  • one time a woman brought her drink back because she thought it was green… it was the reflection of her coat in the coffee. 
  • the other day a drunk came in, yelled bitch at me at the till, punched the door and was then arrested for brandishing scissors outside.
  • literally every five minutes someone will order a “regular” coffee. there is no such size as regular where i work. i have to get them to specify every single time.
  • my fingers and arms are constantly dry because i have to wash my hands of syrup and milk, or after clearing something away a million times an hour.
  • people don’t say please, or thank you, and it starts to eat away at your soul.
  • they also throw money on the counter instead of placing it in your hands.
  • teenagers come in, sit down with their own food and pop, and then cuss at you when you have to tell them to leave.
  • cake gets crushed into the carpet that you have to scrub up. on your knees. in the windows. where people walk past. it’s not so much Cinderella esque as exhausting.
  • i would recommend picking a different dream job bby. being a barista is not glamorous at all.

awh you guys. Being a barista can sucks a million dicks sometimes, but I genuinely enjoy it so much!! If you wanna be a barista you should try it, if it doesn’t work out then you can always change jobs.

It can be really wonderful and rewarding sometimes, there are customers and co-workers that suck but there are some who make your day and become very close friends.

You learn so much about coffee, and if you find that interesting then you’ll love it! Yes, we complain about everything, but at the end of the day a lot of us love our jobs.